Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day!

Wow ive been busy lately and havent had much time to blog. I want to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day! Hope you all had a wonderful day! My hubby went all out this year! After hearing me talk to my BFF about how much I would LOVE to got to a spa, as I have never ever been, he contacted my best friends hubby and arranged for us to both get spa packages at the same spa so that we could go together. I am so excited! Its the first romantic thing he has done for me in a while! I dont know if i was more impressed with the gift or with the fact that he took the time to actually think hard about what I would like and make the arrangements so that I could share that with someone special(my bff). I was in aw! He had my oldest daughter bring it in to me with my breakfast. I was so surprised and I am very hard to surprise cause I usually find out. I admit, Im a snoop! lol
My hubby and I will be celebrating out 3rd wedding anniversary soon and 9 years as a couple this is one of the sweetest things he has done, Iam very happy and not afraid to tell the world!
When fathers day comes I have alot to show him as well. Not because he has given me this gift but because he truly has supported me in so many ways. When it comes to the kids he is so helpful and all the responsibilities are shared. Him and my kids are honestly the one thing in my life that I know I did right and have no regrets about. This is not to say that we are perfect because there is no such thing, that is not to say we havent had rough times, we have had many financial strains through my 5 years of University, and that is not to say that we dont have pet peeves for each other ( I hate it when he leaves his hat lying around(which is alll the time) and I hate it when he doesnt put his laundry in the hamper but leaves it 2 feet away from the, and it is not to say that we agree 100 percent all the time......we dont! But i am truly and deeply happy and not many people can say that and mean it and him taking the time to arrange that for me, SHOWS that he feels the same!

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."
--(Henry Ward Beecher)


  1. hope you had a happy mama's day! i love that quote at the end of your post! it is sooo true! stopping by mbc, stop by and say "hi"

  2. Happy Mother's day and Happy Anniversary!

    Enjoy the weekend!

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  4. what a great husband you glad you had a fabulous Mother's day...

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